Rocks That Will Rock Your Rockery

Some people who are still unsure about creating rockery wall may be convinced of the beauty and affordability a rockery has to offer once they see the variety of stones available. One of the most common protests against a rockery is, “Rocks are boring!”

But are they? We don’t think so! Rocks come in a broad range of colors, from black to pristine white, from green to pink. Some families choose to combine colors as well, creating geometric shapes and patterns across their rockeries.

Here are some of our favorite rocks and their descriptions from rockeries seattle:


Basalt is an earth-toned stone, usually in colors ranging from grey to black and sometimes brown. It is primarily used for rock retaining walls, outcroppings, and alpine rockeries. Basalt is a volcanic rock, porous and fine-grained due to the rapid cooling  of the lava. It sometimes contains crystals and may have a cindery, frothy texture.


Limestone is one of the most diverse rocks available. It usually has unique light colors of white, cream, green, yellow, rose and usually has swirls of dark gray streaks. Pure limestone is white. Limestone often has a crystalline appearance due to deposits of calcite, quartz, and barite that lie in small cavities throughout the rock. Impurities in the rock, such as clay, iron oxide, or organic materials will cause the stone to exhibit different colors. It may appear grey, green, coral, and even a greyish blue.

Tip: Some plants don’t like lime in the soil, so research if your plants will tolerate lime before adding it to your rock garden.


Sandstone is also available in a substantial variety of colors. It usually has a mellow appearance with a bold rising grain. It’s colors range anywhere from cream to peach to brick red, depending on the area from which is has been sourced. It is usually a very coarse stone, and takes a long time to weather, but is rough on bare feet. Sandstone is useful for filling in areas that won’t see much traffic, such as retaining walls or as edging around verandas and plants.


Granite is a favorite stone among rockeries, for its naturally weathered soft edges. This stone is probably best known for its marbled crystalline appearance. Granites are arguably the most diverse stones used for rockeries, as they come in virtually every color and variation. It is an extremely tough stone and so is most often used in areas with lots of traffic as it will wear slowly.

If you’re unsure about what kind of rock you need for your rockery, contact us today to get more information from our rockery experts. We can help to guide your decisions so that you have stones that are beautiful as well as practical, or call to find out more on retaining walls seattle. You can call us today at 425-417-6387.

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